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/bb Surgical Black Book *NEW*
/dc/y Discharge Instructions - Yellow
/dc/g Discharge Instructions - Green
/dc/p Discharge Instructions - Purple
/dc/b Discharge Instructions - Blue
/dc/peds Discharge Instructions - Peds
/sched/y OR Schedule - Yellow
/sched/o OR Schedule - Orange
/sched/g OR Schedule - Green
/sched/b OR Schedule - Blue
/sched/p OR Schedule - Purple
/sched/peds OR Schedule - Peds
/hp H+P Template Word Doc
/consult Consult Template Word Doc
/cal Dept of Surg Google Calendar
/who MMC Contacts DB
/amion Direct to MMC list on
/echo CDMS (ECHO results)
/consent Surgical Consent Form
/log ACGME Case Logging
/pacs Link to PACS website
/vac Link to KCI VAC form
/rounds Weekend Rounding Schedule
/score Surgical Core
/ID Infectious Disease Amion Page
Updated 6/30/13